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Preaching to Monkeys

  • A heart-riveting, transparent, and courageous real-life accounting of a journey to healing
  • A story to enable you to free yourself from the unspoken bond that keeps you from your father or son
  • Shows you how to love more deeply even when it looks impossible

"[Preaching to Monkeys] definitely opened my eyes to the fact that really all we want is to know that we are loved. Things could be so much better in marriage and relationships if we made sure to convey it often instead of only in crisis. I really saw several instances that related to my life and made me think on experiences with my dad and now my sons and how to focus on things that really matter. Hopefully readers will take away that we shouldn't take for granted our relationships-family, friends or acquaintances and make an effort to show love instead of staying wrapped up in self."
- Randy Hughes

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