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If you're a man--start with Preaching to Monkeys and our programs on communication.

Preaching to Monkeys

Hope, Healing, and Understanding for Fathers, Sons, and The People Who Love Them

Nothing is more powerful than the relationship between a parent and child. In this insightful and courageous book, Otto Collins describes his healing journey with his father and takes you along as he reaches greater understanding of life and love.

Susie and Otto

Look below for books, courses and programs I've created with my wife Susie

Magic Relationship Words

Over 100 magic words, phrases and sentence-starters to make sure you say it right every time to your partner, spouse or lover. If you are looking for better ways to express what you’re feeling and thinking and want to learn how to interpret what your partner is saying more effectively, this will help.

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Are you considering leaving a relationship? Should You Stay or Should You Go? is a book and audios filled with compelling questions and insights to help you make that difficult relationship decision.

Stop Talking On Eggshells

You’ll learn how to talk with your partner (or anyone) without fear in this new step by step guide for communicating, connecting and getting the love you want. When you apply this new information, you’ll feel more understood, loved and more connected than you ever thought possible.

No More Jealousy

Learn  the secrets to stopping your jealous thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you from having the love you really want.  Also get expert advice on how to handle the biggest jealousy issues that pop up in relationships like your partner’s wandering eyes, dealing with a jealousy meltdown, how to find out if your partner’s cheating or not, trusting again after infidelity, and much more.

Relationship Trust Turnaround

If trust is an issue for you or your partner, here’s how to rebuild trust in your relationship or marriage, even after an affair or infidelity. This complete package of information has been carefully chosen to give you all the information and help you’re going to need to start turning trust around and rebuilding your relationship right away.

500 Communication Tips & Secrets

If communication is frustrating with your spouse or partner and you find yourself repeatedly arguing over the same issues,here are 500 tips and shortcuts to make communicating easier and more open so that you can finally feel loved, appreciated and understood.

Build More Trust By Using "Trust Triggers"

Trust Triggers are actual things you can say and do that create more trust and connection. Use these audios and Action Guide either with Relationship Trust Turnaround or by themselves to help you move toward the love and trust you’ve always wanted.